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Earthquake Insurance

"Does Our Association Really Need An Earthquake Policy?"
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When the Insurance premiums go up, the first question Association’s ask is “how important is this coverage?” Because we can’t predict the future, it’s difficult to answer this question. While it maybe be easy for some owners to feel that Earthquake Coverage is an unaffordable luxury, others feel strongly that earthquake coverage is an absolute necessity. (2 Pages)

"If You’re Unhappy With Your Earthquake Renewal: It May Be the Message, Not The Messenger!"
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It’s no secret: The losses from Hurricane Katrina, Rita, Wilma and Heidi have had a devastating impact on the pricing of
all catastrophe coverage. (1 Page)

"Seven Important Earthquake Insurance Issues for Condominium Associations"
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Earthquake Issues for Condominium Associations. (2 Pages)

"California Earthquake Underwriting Zones "
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California is divided into eight earthquake zones. In addition to being used for rate making purposes, the zones are usesd by insurers and reinsurers to track their aggregate liabilities. (1 Page)

" Why Has Our Replacement Cost Gone Up So Much!!?? "
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If you live in a Homeowners Association, then the odds are that last year your Earthquake Insurance premium almost doubled, your deductible doubled, and the insurance companies would only offer you half of the coverage they offered you before. Your Association also probably had to special assess the owners to pay for the huge Earthquake Insurance premium. NOW, when rates and deductibles are finally going down, your premiums are still going up! What gives?? (2 Pages)

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