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"Eight Proven Steps - Obtaining Bids for your Association's Insurance"
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Purchasing insurance for a common interest development may be the single most important buying decision your Board of Directors will make this year. This is a ready-to-use tip sheet for anyone hoping to obtain competitive insurance bids in the upcoming year. (2 Pages)

"Earthquake Issues for Condominium Associations"
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Seven important earthquake issues when purchasing coverage for common interest developments. (2 Pages)

"Building Ordinance Coverage for Condominium Associations"
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Is your building older, or subject to significant code changes if the project were to be rebuilt? This article explains how Building Ordinance can help protect your property. (2 Pages)

"Terrorism and the Community Association"
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An examination of the factors which may cause a homeowners association to consider purchasing coverage for the peril of terrorism. (3 Pages)

"HOA Deductible Handling Procedure"
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Many associations are carrying Master Policy insurance deductibles of $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 and even $10,000 per occurrence. With these large deductibles, it's very important that a procedure be established to determine who will be responsible for the deductible in the event of a loss. (2 Pages)

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