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Individual Unit Owner Insurance

"Individual Unit Owner Coverage has never been so Important"
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With many Association's forced to accept higher deductibles and, in some cases, much narrower coverage on the Master Policy, it becomes even more important that individual unit owners maintain their own coverage. This article discusses the five basic coverages provided by a condominium individual unit owner insurance policy (also called "HO-6" Coverage). (2 Pages)

"Isn't the Master Policy Coverage Enough?"
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Similar to the article above, this shorter version is designed to provide condominium and townhouse residents with a simple overview of the coverage they should purchase individually to supplement the Association's Master Policy. (1 Page)

"Are HO-6 Policies Created Equal?"
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This article addresses the quality of Condominium Unit Owner Policies (HO-6) being provided by various carriers. Issues involving coverage for the Master Policy deductible and the quality of Loss Assessment coverage are explored. (3 Pages)

"What EQ Coverage Should I Maintain Individually To Supplement the Association's Master Policy?"
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This article provides a simple one-page overview of the coverage individual condominium residents should purchase to supplement the Association's Master Earthquake Policy. (1 Page)

"All Shook Up About EQ Insurance for Individual Units"
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What should individual unit owners maintain to supplement the Master Earthquake Policy? What are the four basic minimum coverages needed to dovetail with the EQ coverage provided by the Association? (2 Pages)

"Loss Assessment Coverage"
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Probably the most misunderstood coverage provided as a part of the individual unit owner policy is Loss Assessment Coverage. This article will help you to understand the importance of this coverage and be able to explain it to your insurance agent or broker. (1 Page)

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