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"Your Association's insurance and slope maintenance responsibilities Reduce Boardís Exposure"
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This past year Southern California experienced its second-wettest winter in history - some 28 inches of rain in a six month period - more than twice the annual average. In such a wet year, hilly properties provide owners with much more then great views: lurking beneath the rain-soaked surface may be a slope well on its way toward failure. Unless the Board of Directors is attentive to the issue and relies on the advice of a soil engineer, they might be ignoring a huge nightmare that could suddenly interrupt the tranquility of their hillside community.

"Use of a Code of Ethics to Reduce Boardís Exposure"
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This article argues that one of the risk management insurance tools in an Associationís arsenal which can potentially keep a Board of Directors out of legal hot water or facing a burdensome D&O Claim may be one simple step: adopting and adhering to a Code of Ethics. (1 Page)

"Risk Management Tips for Community Managers"
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What represents the risk management priorities for a community manager? This article provides proactive steps a manager can take this year to assist an Association in the process.   (3 Pages)

"The Importance of Californiaís CID Disclosure Law"
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The California Civil Code requires common interest developments to make an annual disclosure regarding the Association’s property, general liability, earthquake, flood and fidelity insurance policies. According to Civil Code Section 1365 (after January 1, 2014, Section 5300), this summary must be distributed “60 days preceding the beginning of the Association’s fiscal year.” Unfortunately, there’s much more to it. This article discusses when the disclosure statements may need to be updated midyear. (3 Pages)

"Diving Board Safety Issues"
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Is your insurance company requiring you to remove your diving board?†This article will explain the research behind the 1976 Consumer Product Safety Council advisory regarding diving boards and their propensity to cause injuries.†(1 Page)

"Proper Construction of Pool Barrier Fencing and Balcony Railings"
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A properly installed pool barrier fence, balcony or guard railing should not have any openings, external footholds or handholds, indentations or protrusions, or horizontal slats which would make it easy to climb.†This article will provide the details behind the building code requirements implemented by nearly every U. S. city and adopted by most insurance companies.†(2 Pages)

"Water Damage Prevention"
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Helpful information provided by the Insurance Information Network of California.†(4 Pages)

"Building Ordinance Coverage for Condominium Associations"
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Is your building older, or subject to significant code changes if the project were to be rebuilt? This article explains how Building Ordinance can help protect your property. (2 Pages)

"Decoding HOA Internet Liability Exposure"
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If an HOA has an internet presence does the Associationís potential for liability exposure increase? If so, to what extent is insurance available to protect an Association (and its manager) against this exposure? Answers to these questions depend both on the content of the website and the nature and extent of insurance protection purchased by the Association.(2 Pages)

"Slip Sliding Away"
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Californianís never-ending appetite for more housing has nearly swallowed up the available flatland in California causing developers to ďhead for the hills.Ē Literally. (2 Pages)

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Last year Mega-developer, The Related Companies, announced ground breaking on an enormous mixed-use project as part of the revitalization of Downtown LA’s Grand Avenue district. (2 Pages)

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