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"Workers’ Compensation Coverage – A Mandatory Purchase..........."
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"Workers’ Compensation Coverage – A Mandatory Purchase"
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Truman and Gail Lawson had an unwieldy 50-foot palm tree in their front yard and they wanted it trimmed. It seemed like an easy task. When a worker is injured trimming the tree, the Lawson’s are deemed to be the “employer” at the time of the loss. This article explains the importance of the coverage for homeowners associations. (2 Pages)

"Eight Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Workers’ Compensation"
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So your Association doesn't have any employees. Should you still maintain a Workers Compensation Insurance policy? Absolutely... here's why. (2 Pages)

"Workers' Compensation Coverage - Is Volunteer Labor a good thing"
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If your Association is attempting to stay solvent by relying on volunteer labor to substitute for the more conventional, subcontracted (and insured) kind, you’re not alone.

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