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Introduction of High Risk Insurance

    It’s not always easy to obtain coverage for all risks, that is why you might need high risk insurance. As you undoubtedly know, hard-to-place risks are those that are generally considered either impaired in some way or outside the normal risk tolerance of the standard market. In other words, there’s something about them that won’t allow them to fit conveniently and safely into the conven­tional buckets “Standard” product offerings provide. For instance, if a property has a special circumstance, such as a poor loss history, an unfenced pool, or a very high replacement cost, they may find it difficult obtaining insurance through the standard market. This is where an independent insurance broker can help obtain coverage by using a vast array of excess/surplus lines carriers.

    We always strive to make certain that everyone is up to speed on what is happening in the insurance marketplace. We utilize our knowledge and understanding of the business, and it's that knowledge that makes the difference in finding coverage for, “Hard to Place” risks. There’s obviously a difference between a “hard-to-place” risk and a “hard-to-write” risk, with the former implying that it’s difficult to find a carrier willing to take it on, due to the reasons previously stated, and the latter saying that you’ve got to work way too hard to write it once you find the market. But, we’ve found that some specialty carriers have made it easy to do both by utilizing insurance scoring to offer a program for virtually any risk and devel­oping state-of-the-art, on-line systems to make it easy to quote and write the business.

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